The information below may not apply to the 2021 conference. For any questions on this year’s program, please email us at committee@arabamericanconference.com

  1. Is the entire conference in Arabic?
  2. Can individuals from countries outside the United States attend?
  3. Do friends of Bahá’ís who wish to attend the conference have to pay the registration fee?
    No. Registration fees are only for attendees who are registered as Bahá’ís .
  4. What does the registration fee cover?
    It covers breakfast and lunch (except on the first and last day of the conference), light refreshments during meetings, transportation to the Bahá’í House of Worship for those who require this, and the overall costs of running the conference. (Note: there is no registration fee for the virtual conference)
  5. I have special dietary needs. What kind of food will be served?
    Food options include vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and sugar-free. Please indicate your dietary restriction on your registration form.
  6. Is it possible to share a hotel room with other participants?
    Please check the hotel reservation link to learn about the room’s capacity, and contact the committee if interested in sharing a hotel room.
  7. Who should I contact with questions about the conference?
    For questions in Arabic or English, please contact the Conference Committee by email at committee@arabamericanconference.com